Functions of Planning and Development Department

  • Planning and Development including policy and procedures. Co-ordination work relating to the preparation of the Annual Development Programme and its review.
  • Execution and processing of all development schemes, programmes and proposals submitted by other departments including autonomous bodies and making recommendations to government thereupon; functions of the development working Party.
  • Maintaining Liaison with the national Planning Agencies.
  • Dealing with Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Bodies in regard to development planning programmes and projects in AJ&K.
  • Economic research.
  • Co-ordination of technical assistance.
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of development schemes and their critical appraisal.
  • Co-ordination of technical assistance from abroad including training facilities expert advisory service and equipment.
  • Co-ordination of training of Local Officers and private sector candidates in foreign countries.
  • Matters relating to the regional development projects (AJ&K).
  • Price stabilization policy.
  • Protocol functions in connection with visits of foreign economic missions and delegations; etc.
  • Initiation of measures for giving suitable publicity on the results achieved from time to time.
  • Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General administration Department (SGA).